Otley Golf Club


Code of Conduct

All visitors are expected to conform with our Code of Conduct. Please click here to view the details. 

Dress Code  - Mobile Phones


  • Smart casual wear is acceptable at all times unless otherwise notified. 
  • Golf shoes whether spikes or dimples must not be worn in the Clubhouse.
  • Outdoor coats and golf waterproofs  should not be worn in the public rooms.
  • Everybody is asked to conform to the essence, spirit and intent of the dress code. 
  • Mobile phones are permitted to be used for calls in the entrance hall, changing rooms and the car park but NOT in the bar or restaurant. Please ensure that your phone is switched off or on silent when entering these areas. 


  • Recognised golfing attire is required for all players.
  • Golf shoes must be worn on the course and putting green. 
  • If wearing shorts they should be tailored and worn with socks, white or matching the colour of the shirt/shorts.

  • Everybody is asked to conform to the essence, spirit and intent of the dress code
  •  All staff are instructed to require any person whose dress does not comply with the dress code to leave the clubhouse.  Please avoid embarrassing situations as members of staff are not permitted to allow exceptions to these rules.
  • Mobile phones are not permitted to be used for making calls whilst on the course. The reporting of a medical emergency is the only exception to this.


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