Otley Golf Club

The Course - Hole 11


399 Yds


395 Yds


388 Yds

Hole 11

White Yellow Red Blue
Par 4 Par 4 Par 5 Par 4
399 Yards 395 Yards 388 Yards 267 yards
Stroke Index 4 Stroke Index 4  Stroke Index 12 Stroke Index 4

The eleventh hole shares the stream with the tenth and again any shot to the right is likely to be gathered up by it. The left-hand side is the favourite position and with no fairway bunkers, it can be seen as a generous target. Longer hitters need to be aware of the stream that crosses the fairway  especially as the prevailing wind is from behind . once over the stream the green opens up in front of you and is both wide and long. Carefully placed bunkers protect the green on either side but the shorter the iron used for your approach shot, the more you can attack the flag.  


Derek Reveley - Harrogate Area Rabbits - 8th July 2021 Jackie - Burley Menston Conservatives May 2022 Martin Greaves - Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs - 25th June 2021 Phil Dibb - Pool Cricket Club - February 2022

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